Our Story

Rooted in honesty, integrity, and transparency

When Andersen & Sons Shelling and Western Nut Company welded together into one mold, it was nothing short of a natural synthesis to create a partnership that would cultivate diversity while continuing to stand on the values that distinguished these two family-owned and operated companies from their inception. With a combined 30+ years in the tree-nut industry, this union has broadened the ability to provide growers with the most competitive returns and buyers the highest quality walnuts and almonds in the market.

Backing these two successful, family-driven companies is a group of elite professionals that take great pride in delivering only the best customer service. Our customer service team is a shining reflection of the pride and beliefs we encompass, leading to long-term employment and thus giving you our very best in every aspect. With the most courteous, responsive and dedicated members on our team, they will guide you through our services with the determination to follow through and find the products that best fit your needs at the most competitive price.

Experts in the field

We work closely with our growers in office and out in the field. Our grower relations experts provide invaluable education and professionalism, building on long-lasting relationships that are founded on honesty and integrity. We believe that in teaching our growers how to develop the best possible product, it not only benefits them directly, but flows into a much bigger picture; excellent, high quality food that is distributed from farm to table, across the nation and the globe.