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Two decades of quality

Western Nut Company

For two decades, Western Nut Company has provided the professional link between almond and walnut growers and a wide range of buyers throughout the world. Western Nut Company has built a solid reputation in the industry through their uncompromised commitment to quality control in every phase of production and handling. Western Nut Company’s sorting, sizing and grading procedures provide a level of consistency and buyer confidence that is rare in an era when volume is the primary objective for many suppliers in the almond and walnut industries.

Whether you’re a grower seeking a reliable and experienced partner to prepare and bring your crop to market, or a consumer searching for provider whose primary goals are quality, consistency and customer satisfaction, then look no further.



Vertically Integrated Farming
Almond Processing
Custom Almond Hulling
Diversified Marketing Approach
Multi-Commodity Efficiencies
Full Time Grower Relations Staff
Domestic & Intl. Customer Base
Farm Management
Organic Almonds
Retail Packaging
Inshell almonds